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Clarity Medical is India's only pure play medical electronics company. It was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs. Our management and engineering team has over a century of combined experience in hardware, software and electro-mechanical design specifically in the medical device industry. We offer a comprehensive range of medical equipment - from patient monitors to various function testing equipments (Like EMG - Stress Test - Spirometer etc., EEG). In addition, Clarity Medical offers various sub-system modules (SpO2, NiBP, ECG, etc) with embedded software to OEMs for further integration into their products.


Our Remarkable Range of Equipment

Clarity ECG

Innovative high performance sampling device for desktop/laptop. Effective GUI & aesthetics. Simultaneous 12 Lead Acquisition.

Easy Trace

USB Interface. No external power source required. Robust shock stim handle.


Spectra Smart

7 Parameter patient monitor (SpO2, HR, NiBP, Temp,ECG,EtCO2,Resp.) including LAN features for connectivity with CMS(central monitoring station).


Recobro Vigile

World's smallest wearable patient monitor (6 parameters). with wireless connectivity to other patient monitors/CMS. Real time remote monitoring also available.

Spectra Gold

9 parameter patient monitor with wireless connectivity to Recobro Vigile. Expandable to 11 parameters.

SpiroTech Plus

3.5" Color display with Touch keypad. All functions accessible through keypad. Built in thermal printer.


Traveller ECG

High resolution RGB display. Unique voice alarm system. Pressure release on occlusion. Automatic calculation.

TrueST-BT Plus

BlueTooth enabled stress test treadmill (ECG) device. Extremely effective while recording in motion. Wireless connectivity for improving patient movement.

TrueBeat 200

ECG machine with built in A4 size printer. Touch sensitive buttons for easier input of data.


News Feed/ Events


    Clarity Medical has come up with the new range of Ultra compact wearable realtime patient monitor with "Recobro Series".


    Transfer of technology To Clarity Medical Private Limited for the Manufacture of CLADS developed by PGIMER Chandigarh under the funding of Department of Electronics and information Technology under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.


What We Value


●    Attention to detail
●    Stringent quality control methodologies
●    Superior craftsmanship

These are the qualities to which we aspire. We firmly believe that Quality is the best business plan.



Our smart engineering approach to product design enables us to create products with greater utility. Innovation-centric research as well as adherence to ergonomic design considerations make our products an absolute pleasure to use.



A client’s trust is never an accident. mIt is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. This is what we strive to embody.



We see our customers as invited guests to a our home, and ourselves as the hosts. It is our job everyday to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.


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